The Patronage Committee

Alain Berset, Dr.ès sc. pol.

Alain Berset, Dr.rer.pol.

Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs
Inselgasse 1
3003 Bern

Martin Bangerter

Martin Bangerter

Manager ASSGP
Association of the Swiss Self-Medication Industry
Effingerstrasse 14
3001 Bern

Roger de Weck

Roger de Weck, lic.rer.pol. HSG

General Manager of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR

Mathias Fehr, PD

Mathias Fehr, MD, outside lecturer

Head Physician Gynaecological clinic Frauenfeld
8501 Frauenfeld

Jean-René Fournier

Jean-René Fournier

President of the Council of States (VS)
Until 2012 Board Member of the Carnegie Rescuers Foundation (Switzerland)
Helvetia Assurances
Rue de la Dent-Blache 20, box 735
1951 Sion