Since its inception, the Carnegie Rescuers Foundation in Switzerland has honoured 8,643 persons. Of these, 2,693 have been presented with a bronze medal, 4,067 with a silver medal, 31 with a gold medal, and 626 with a wristwatch. In addition, 1,191 persons have received a pocket watch, an award that was presented up until 1967.

During the years of its activity, the Foundation has granted pensions to six rescuers who retired from professional life after sustaining permanent injuries during their act of rescue. Moreover, 37 widows of rescuers have been granted pensions, as have 94 children of rescuers and ten other family members for whom the rescuer had been the main support. The total of granted pensions is amounting to SFR 3’213’256.–.

The Foundation also provided financial aid to victims of the avalanche disasters of 1917 and 1999. Thanks to a special provision in the Foundation statutes, several hundred persons were awarded a special citation acknowledging their self-sacrificing service during the influenza epidemic of 1918.

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